Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Legacy: Gratitude of All of Us To Mrs. Pressburger

Good afternoon from strangers. Your book has become important to us, as a way of making real that traumatic era, in your family's terms. Thank you.

Please look carefully here and tell us if we have something incorrect. Is there something in a post, some idea, some impression, that leaves you uncomfortable?

A rough update on the streets Petr mentions is at the post of August 15 or so. A step after that is to look up the names on any roster we can find about survivors, or those who did not survive among the people mentioned.

Petr's family entries: My favorite is Petr at page 53. He says this: That that your mother at one point left, to go back to Hradec, for a respite from the stress, it looks like. But he adds that she left inadequate instructions on what the family was to cook, but that you all would manage.

This is the museum at Theresienstadt, Terezin, where Petr attended school in the ghetto there before being sent to Auschwitz in WWII, and his death.

Seeing this building and the Jewish Memorial brings to mind that people like Petr have much to tell us, so let's put his words where they belong - even in any films, or remakes of films about the era, especially in any next "Operation Daybreak."

In respect and tribute.

Warm regards.
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