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Prague: Holesovice - Petr's Home; Petrin Hill; Stefanik's Bridge; Strossmayer Square


Prague, Petrin Hill, Stefanik's Bridge, Vltava River, CZ

This Prague view looks across the Charles Bridge toward Petrin Hill. Petrin Hill has a network of parks near Prague Castle. See photos here:; and at

Home. Petr lived near the Prague central slaughterhouse, near Petrin Hill (page 15), and I think this is in the Holesovice area. See his sister's notes at page 144. Not clear here on how close it is to Petrin? Here is more on Holesovice: /

FILM. There is a 1975-76 film about Nazi resistance in the Czech Republic, the assassination of Ubergroppenfuhrer Reynhard Heydrich, "Operation Daybreak." The film says that the assassination attack took place at Holesovice, and there is substantial footage about it. See Places of Petr Ginz, "Operation Daybreak". The operation was called Operation Anthropoid in reality, and triggered that terrible retribution in the Nazi destruction of the entire town of Lidvice.

Holesovice had been an agricultural area, then incorporated into Prague as its 7th District. It expanded with factories, and further with the Masaryk railroad station being connected to other lines.

Strossmayer Place. At 92 Strossmayer Place, he watched a bell being taken from its tower. See post on the bells. The name looks like an honor to Bishop Strossmayer, who in 1870 gave a speech at the Vatican that did not support infallibility and such issues. See He was Croatian. See Croatia Road Ways, posts about Bishop Strossmayer.

Stefanik Bridge.

This was called the "hanging bridge" I think because it was a suspension bridge, not for any executions. It was soon closed to pedestrians. Page 49. Search Images search to see it.

Milan Rastilav Stefanik was a co-founder of Czechoslovakia in 1917-1918. See and a fine history and map at

Czechoslovakia later divided into The Czech Republic and Slovakia. There is a Cardinal Stepinak in Croatia who is controversial for his conversion of the Orthodox in the concentration camps prior to their executions, instead of standing in the way of the executions, but I don't think the reference here is to him. For Stepinak, see Croatia Road Ways, Zagreb entries on Cardinal Stepinac and Jasenovac Concentration Camp entry.

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