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Theresienstadt, Terezin . School, ghetto children, Petr as a Child Artist: "Moonscape" by Petr Ginz, also science fiction buff

Petr Ginz drew a moonscape. He was artistic, and a science fiction writer. See Petr's drawing, and see how the Israeli astronaut took on the Shuttle Columbia in 2003 - at The astronaut is Colonel Ilan Ramon.
See the entries for January 1, 2005 at
Theresienstadt (Terezin) Memorial, School at ghetto, Petr Ginz life 
The photo is the now-museum at Terezin, and I believe it is also the building where the school was held (Theresienstadt in German)

Terezin was set up as a "town" to show Red Cross and others that life was fine. Meanwhile, the transports went in and out and 30,000 died.
See post on Theresienstadt used as a facade by the Nazis to satisfy inspectors; while carrying on the transports and causing the deaths.

For the drawing, search Images your own computer for it. See That site also notes that his drawings were saved by a friend and are at the Yad Vashem Art Museum in Jerusalem.

Petr's friend survived. Kurt Kotouc was that friend at Terezin, and he says that Petr was killed immediately upon arriving at Auschwitz. He discusses "Moonscape" and Petr at

I think the entry is mistaken in stating that the drawing was made at Auschwitz. Other sources say he made it at Theresienstadt, see Kurt Kotouc, his friend, who survived. See

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