Saturday, July 24, 2010

Assignment in a Hierarchy - Petr as Mischling; Chava Chessburger, sister

Mixed Blood
Formal Designation, Nazi
Degrees of Mischling

Petr Ginz is not only a boy, a son, a student, a brother, nephew, grandson, person. He also is a Mischling - the Nazi designation of someone of mixed "blood" - One parent, a Jew. One parent a Roman Catholic. Their child is a Mischling. See a Nazi Certificate for this category at Lotte's story at A child of mixed blood. See also "Nazi classification for Germans of mixed race" at ://

Each degree of Mischling carried with it with different places and times for going to life or death. Definitions and consequences, Nazi, SS, Nuremberg Laws. See Petr and his sister.

His sister's recollections of what it was like to be a Mischling, and what it meant, (Chava Pressburger, who edited his diary) are in the introduction at the site here,,,2103166,00.html. She discusses the Mischling status, and their degree.

With a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother, Petr's sister writes that the children were allowed to stay home until 14, and only then were sent to the concentration camps. So, other children - full-blood Jews - could be sent earlier. Petr's father, a Jew, only was sent to Theresienstadt toward the end of the war. A delay-dispensation of the marriage. His mother, an Aryan, remained home, and survived, as did Petr's sister, Chava Pressburger See,,2103166,00.html.

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