Friday, August 15, 2008

Theresienstadt, Terezin. The Deadly Charade

 How Theresienstadt - Terezin Passed "Inspection"

How could a ghetto-concentration camp have a school, a library, prayer rooms.

Read "Avenues of Intellectual Resistance In The Ghetto Theresienstadt: Escape Through the Ghetto Central Library, Reading, Story-Telling, and Lecturing."

Memorial to Terezin, Theresienstadt, Jewish Quarter, Prague

This paper is by Miriam Intrator in April 200, written for a Master's Degree course in Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Go to

Parts of Terezin were staged as a fraud on the Red Cross inspectors, who saw nothing of the ultimately 30,000 who died here over time, and saw only that Jews were housed here, away from Aryans, and life was ok. They saw a fake. A facade.

See how musicians and composers at Terezin appeared not only at Terezin, but in propaganda films. A children's opera, Brundibar, was a favorite. See Czech Republic Road Ways, Brundibar and the Music of Terezin.

The memorial is at the Jewish Quarter in Prague.

Petr Ginz lived for two years at Terezin, Theresienstadt.  See those and other facts listed at Factbites, ://

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