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Lens and Legacy. Family and Community. Hradec Kralove. Vignettes

Petr Ginz' Family

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He lives with his parents and sister in Prague. Petr usually lists and inventories events objectively, but he also offers vignettes, short description of family life, and colorful happenings.

Hradec Kralove, CZ, birthplace of mother of Petr Ginz 

1. Mother. Time off.

Petr writes at Page 53 that his mother left for Hradec (RandR, but -- as in any family where mom takes some sudden RandR --left inadequate instructions on what the family was to cook. Petr says they will manage.

No wonder she wanted to to back to Hradec, for a breather. There it is. Orderly, beautiful, historic.

2. The designer turkey.

Peter writes at Page 72. Fair use quote-

"I heard that some local people wanted to kill a turkey, but they felt sad for it and didn't want to just cut its throat so they gave it to [sic] Veronal, plucked it, and put it in water. But then the dear turkey woke up and because it was cold without feathers, they knitted a sweater for it, and it now walks around in a sweater.***"

[Veronal, or barbitol, is apparently a central nervous system depressant, also used in veterinary medicine, see]

3. The prolific lungs.

Peter writes of his father at page 86, at the Jewish ambulatory hospital (I believe) in Prague. Fair use quote:

"They removed three litres of water from Daddy's lungs! They dragged some containers to him, lots of doctors came running, even the chief doctor Klein himself, and the puncture was one quite painlessly. They asked him: Shall we make it a full three litres?

"Daddy told them: 'Do help yourselves.' "

So read the diary carefully. There are nuggets there, amid the cool, detached event inventories.

Sgraffito is a technique of wall ornamentation.  A darker layer if plaster is applied; then a lighter shade.  Before the top layer dries, it is etched off, showing the darker beneath. Pictures, designs, fool-the-eye patterns.  Hradec Kralove was and is an elegant town visually.

4.  Grandma's house

Vojtesska Street.

Family: Grandma.  Grandma's house, at number 12. Page 67. This is in the Old Town. Do an Images search and up come all the apartments for rent or places for sale. You can even see the fine old building at number 22, just a few buildings away from Petr's Grandma's address at number 12.

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Celia said...

Oh! I always thought that Veronal was a person! That is such a funny story. I love how Petr begins the passage about his deportation to Terezín about typewriters... Have you ever tried to clean a typewriter? It is nearly impossible! Have you read Vedem? After reading Petr Ginz I have been trying to learn Czech, but it is rather difficult.

Dobry den! Jak se jmenujete? Jmenuji se Celia. Vy líbí me psaci stroj? Ja má jeden kacour a jeden kotě. A vy? Jak se máte? Mam se dobre, děkuji.

That is about as far as I have gotten...
I have a blog about the Holocaust, and about Petr Ginz.