Saturday, July 24, 2010

Prague - Wenceslas Square; Krakovska Street

Good Duke Wenceslas, in Wenceslas Square, mounted, Prague CZ

Petr writes that, at one point, Jews were not allowed to walk in this Square. Page 111.

Here is Wenceslas at the Square, on his horse.

The area is not really a square - it is a long, wide boulevard that used to be a horse market. See also See more on Wenceslas, and photos and post information at Czech Republic Road Ways, Wenceslas post.

Wenceslas was not a king, but a  Duke of Bohemia who lived from 907-929 AD, see the Carol for St. Stephen's Day, December 26 (not a Christmas Carol, technically). See "Good King Wenceslas" at :// and correct the lyrics to "Good Prince Wenceslas" or "Good Duke Wenceslas".

Krakovska Street.

Friends: Adlers.  Family friends, the Adlers, live there, at number 13. Page 72. The street is next to Wenceslas Square, info from one of the rental ads from a simple search on Krakovska Street Prague. There is also a hostel there.  Mrs. Chessburger, if you ever see this and have corrections, do let us know.

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