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Prague. Streets; Squares, Miscellaneous Towns

 Streets of Prague
Squares Mentioned in Diary of Petr Ginz 
Shorter reference
Miscellany - in passing

Prague is visual riches. Facades vary, there is ornamentation on street lamps, doorways, windows.  Its streets are livable:  narrow enough to walk across easily, but traffic still flows reasonably. As in much of Europe, older buildings are perhaps 4-5 stories tall, no more. This is a typical street in Prague.

Prague street; ornamentation. Places of Petr Ginz 

Petr writes of many streets and many addresses of specific people; or his sister, Chava Pressburger includes them in her portions of the book.

Get an idea of the varied days of Petr Ginz, a child of the city. Think of a panoramic camera, slowly moving about, filming the boy as he goes.

Smaller references - references to streets and squares with a longer history are listed separately

 21 Norimberska Street

This is the location of the legal department of the Jewish community. Page 16. There is a Norymberska restaurant in Cracow, but I see no other reference to the word.

Veletrh in Prague VII (the district) opposite Vinarska Street.

This remains a puzzle. Page 20. We see Czech references to Veletrh; and Vinarska seems to be in the town of Brno?

Jachimova Street, Josevof, Old Town (Jewish Quarter) 

The Statnii Zidovske Museum is at Jachimova 3, see

Chava Pressburger's notes suggest that this is the new name for Regnart Street? Page 146. Ms. Chessburger is Peter Ginz' sister, the editor of his diary.

Regnart Street.

Regnart was a composer and musician in the court of Rudolf II. Page 146. [See statue, "Iron Man," supposed to be Rudolf II, Czech Republic Road Ways . See more on Regnart at We see no Regnart Street.

Letenska Street.

Petr goes here to register for school. Page 44. Used to be Belcredi's Avenue? Page 46. Do an Images search for this one - and a regular search shows the Wallenstein Gardens there, see, and we missed that. The Wallenstein Palace now houses the Czech Republic Senate. Belcredi: We see a hotel Belcredi, but not a street.

Kelly's Street.

The Germans changed the name from U stare skoly. Page 87. See U Stare skoly 3 as the address of the Jewish Museum, Robert Guttman Gallery, at


Uncles go to work by way of the motorway there, get 1000 crowns a month and can visit home. See 99. A splendid castle is here. See Do an Images search as well. We did not get there. See also ://

Fair use thumbnail of Krivoklat Castle from ://
Krivoklat Castle

Suchdol. It takes a tram and a bus to get here. Page 121. Near airport? University near here? Park and greenery, impressions from Images and overview of real estate sites.

Lodecka Street. They are removing postal horses (?) Page 122. This seems to be Prague 1, Josefov or the Jewish Quarter?


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