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Theresienstadt, Terezin: Transports of Jews in; out. Trains, names,

See Terezin, its old walls now even more overgrown. Get an idea of how Terezin figured more and more desperately in everyday life.

Here is a chronology of the people being sent out according to the Diary of Petr Ginz, and a picture of the siding at Theresienstadt where the trains loaded and unloaded. There at the barrier is a ledge where pebbles are left in remembrance. See the Jewish Mourning Guide, customs for Remembrance: Grave Visitation, at ://

Petr wrote this chronology of the people being sent there:

Page 45. The transports (trains) to Poland stop. Now people are being sent to work in Theresienstadt.

Page 46. The names of so many sent to Theresienstadt.

Page 47. Transports stopped at least to January 10.

Page 48. The entire Mautner family is now at Theresienstadt. The mother, who would not leave without the last son, finally volunteered with that son and went to Theresienstadt

Pages 49-50. But Karl Mautner was sent to work at Ceska Lipa, all relatives at Theresienstadt or Poland.

Page 65. There are new transports to Theresienstadt, many with people the Ginz family knew
Peter hears that the Germans are also interning French, Poles, others who were foreigners and not Jews. Eight understood to be killed trying to escape.

Page 66. The Goldmanns from Budyne leaving for Theresienstadt.

Page 70. Bardach's whole family is called up. First to the "exhibition grounds," then to Theresienstadt.

Page 86. The Kuchner famiy got a letter from Leo in Theresienstadt, and he said they were healthy. He could only send 30 words.

Page 95. Fiser the confectioner was taken, and sent to "Dobris."

Page 96. Auntie Anda wanted to visit a friend, but the friend was already at Theresienstadt. Tabor leaves for Theresienstadt in May.

Page 99. Petr's teacher leaves for Theresienstadt.

Page 100. Friends leaving for Theresienstadt. "The Friedlanders are supposed to go too, even though Mr. Friedlander just had a stroke."

Page 102. Petr's father's doctor, Dr. Bloch, is leaving for Theresienstadt. "There have been two transports, one after another." And, "Ivan Dusner from our class is leaving for Theresienstadt."

Page 118. Grandma got her notice that she was leaving for Theresienstadt on Thursday.

Page 119. Grandma leaves from Bubenec Station.

What did the transports look like?

Theresienstadt was manipulated to the outside to look like a mere forced-population town, see That cite " to a Master's thesis by Miriam Intrator at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Scroll down to the history of Theresienstadt section. With that, the trains probably were not the crammed cattle cars used at other concentration-extermination camps such as Jasenovac in Croatia - see Croatia Road Ways.

These sound instead like regular trains leaving the stations in Prague and going the short distance to Theresienstadt. People even had their luggage. Petr helped Mr. Emil Bondy with his. Page 45.

Terezin - an excellent additional resource is That overall site lists all the concentration camps and their use then and status now.

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