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Theresienstadt, Terezin. A Child's Life; Bunkmates; Vedem

Update 2015

Petr was at Terezin for two years, until he was about 14. He lived in barracks, and went to school there. He drew the barracks and his bunk area, and the drawings survived. See  This had been a military barracks area, and a military base, a walled town since the 17th Century, see See its more recent history at http://://

Theresienstadt, Terezin Ghetto, Czech Republic, barracks

Barracks at Terezin now look like this. This may or may not be the actual children's barracks, as they look alike lining the street grids right to the sidewalks. This had been an old garrison town, and was converted to a ghetto.

Look up the book, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a collection of art and poems by children who passed through or died at Terezin. Check for Petr's name.

Petr drew "Moonscape" there. The original was destroyed when the shuttle broke apart. A commemorative stamp shows the picture. See entry at January 20, 2005 at . Some of the art is at the museum in Prague, in the Jewish Quarter. See,

Petr had bunkmates - Kurt Kotouc (name  not found at Yad Vashem list because he survived) and George Brady (name not found at Yad Vashem list).

They put out a secret magazine, called Vedem. Kurt Kotouc survived, and kept some issues. Read his interview as an adult survivor at


Find boys' work, and a list of other book and research resources for helping children understand the Holocaust, at'sSuitcaseResourceList.pdf. Read an excerpt from the boys' newspaper at  Frank Laubach , see, used to say, "Each one teach one." In important ways, a secret newspaper is a rebellion but also an education tool.

There was a library also at Terezin, a school (see the book of the children's art and poems, "I Never Saw Another Butterfly," some of the originals at the Jewish Museum, Jewish Quarter Prague.

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