Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sudetanland. Cheb's Aga. History through History's Ashes. What is Left Out?

The Sudetenland - And Tiled Stoves

Cheb's Tiled Stove

Petr mentions that someone who is a friend of the family was from this Saxon (Germanic) area, near the German border. At Ostroh Castle (Seeburg) at Cheb, see a fine example of Europe's old tiled stoves. These were connected to ductwork carrying heat to other rooms, in many instances. This stove is at the Castle at Cheb, in the Sudetenland, western Czech Republic.

Cheb CZ, Tiled Stove

The castle is essentially a ruin, but was built in the 12th Century by Barbarossa and has a Black Tower made of volcanic stone, see See it all at ://
This is how houses were heated.

An Aga, of sorts.

Like the old stove here, is this true:

True that all the world's events go into the hopper, and come out ashes. But those ashes are prodded and sifted by those who come after, and some lumps are discarded as though they never were. Other lumps are reused in a new form to suit the user, and some just powder away. Grayed, charred stuff to show that something once was there. But what do we really know of history from ashes.

We attempt here to put some visual form back on the ashes of the life of Petr Ginz. History would have been part of his life because he saw it - we get it in books.

Did Petr see these in old Czech castles, large homes.  History's ashes. Preserve and sift.

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