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Prague, Nazi Assassination. Events: "Operation Daybreak" . See 1976 Film, Prague WW II: Petr Ginz's View

 Operation Anthropoid
Assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heidrich
and the Czech Resistance
Later Film:  Operation Daybreak 

What Petr tells us about the events in Prague that came to be known as "Operation Daybreak."

For an experience of the Heydrich assassination in film, see the 1976 or 1975 film about the Czech Resistance assassinating Nazi Reinhard Heydrich*, see post here, including at Places of Petr Ginz, Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. The film says that the assassination attack took place at Holesovice, a part of Prague referenced here: Places of Petr Ginz, Holesovice.

This Nazi resistance account is an exciting war story, but a tragic one, and somebody should reissue it - or do a faithful redo. Schools aren't teaching WWI or WWII much, I understand. Bring it home yourself. The Czech resistance - bravery, betrayal, superhuman effort and sacrifice.

1. Petr adds to the film story, and what he says is consistent with other sources. Having just seen the film, a scene jumps out as missing -

He writes that girls in the schools were taken out and their hair examined to help the Nazis find a brown-haired girl with a bicycle who was seen helping the assassins as they escaped from the scene. He describes those events, and they are left out of the movie.

2. Hollywood left out. Also left out: the parts of the Czech Radio and Czech Army sources about the young woman in the red hat who drove ahead of the motorcade as a signal that Heydrich was not "armed" - as I recall, that he did or did not have the armored vehicles surrounding his car as usual. That would have been a good addition to the film as well.

Next director, put it back in. Be authentic. It would be a small but needed as a realistic followup to Nazi efforts to find the assassins.

*This 1976 Hollywood film, see ://, is available for purchase but hard to find in any video store. Some sources list it as 1975 - see ://

Either way, it is worth your time and money if you are interested in life for people like Petr Ginz in Prague - the streets, the people, the events - during the Nazi Occupation.

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