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Lens and Legacy: Comparing Anne Frank. Emoting in Diaries

Child Diarists
Anne Frank

Hollandsche Schouwburg, Jewish processing center, Amsterdam

Jewish experience in the Netherlands. See ://
Another diarist there. The Diary of Anne Frank. See The Netherlands Road Ways.

How diarists differ.

1. Anne Frank's work is more introspective, as she identifies and examines feelings, reactions, notes them in others, watches, responds, despairs. Petr Ginz records, but there are few windows into his heart - for whatever reason, is it like many boys. He gathers data, lays it out, does what needs to be done in a more objective way.

2. Anne's experience during her long period in hiding was remote - she did not experience daily the herdings of Jews into this theatre structure in Amsterdam, for example, where Jews and others were processed before being sent to the camps. Anne Frank would have come here in all likelihood, only after her time in hiding where she wrote her diary, when the family was betrayed and captured.

We are used to Anne Frank's introspection, after years of exposure to her situation, words and the films about it.

Some may want to see the same kind of despair, emotional reaction, in any stress diary. In the Diary of Petr Ginz, we learn that Petr did have emotional reactions - read his sister's introduction.

But a diarist writing about emotion must take time and energy to do that. In the middle of ongoing crises, merely getting by takes the time and energy someone otherwise could expend on introspection. Anne Frank emoted, but she was in a position to indulge: she wrote from a unique viewpoint, in hiding, with nothing to do during her silent and fearful days with the same people, except introspect.

3. Now read another war-child's viewpoint, Petr Ginz, the practical and informative, from out there. Just the difference of boy vs. girl? Maybe. Read and see. Do some research on that.

When it comes to learning about WWII, many already have Amsterdam's girl imprinted in mind and heart. Now travel to Prague for another. And the library. There are more perspectives in many other diaries as well - keep going.

4.  Anne Frank in Yad Vashem's records:

Full Record Details for  Frank Anne
Source      Pages of Testimony
Last Name      FRANK
First Name      ANNE
First Name      ANNELIESE
First Name      MARIE
Father's First Name      OTTO
Mother's First Name      EDITH
Mother's Maiden Name      HOLLAENDER
Gender      Female
Date of Birth      12/06/1929
Age      15
Marital Status      CHILD
Place of Death      BERGEN BELSEN,Camp
Date of Death      03/1945
Type of material      Page of Testimony
Submitter's Last Name      FRANK
Submitter's First Name      ELFRIEDE
Relationship to victim      FATHER'S WIFE

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