Monday, July 21, 2008

Lens and Legacy: The Instability of Barriers. Walls Against People, and Harry Potter

Considering Walls

The Berlin Wall

The long-term uselessness of walls. One wall goes down, another goes up. Like bop-a-top.
With human waste in between. Germans have tried every kind: political, as in the Berlin Wall; and religious-cultural-racial, as in the Holocaust.

Here is the Berlin Wall - a political wall, not a religiously motivated one, rising after the Second World War was supposedly over, but continuing its mindset. Walls once seen as a way to enhance your own position by doing away with dissent, trap those fleeing. And do away with dissenters. Wall in, wall out.

Walls against people. Religious walls. Mischlings in Nazi occupied countries. The mixed bloods, not pure Aryan. Walls went up and exterminations followed. See Petr Ginz: Lens, Legacy, Places. Mischling.

Just as with the Jews, the walls and persecutions against them in Harry Potter's books fostered courage and drive, as well as despair, and some giving up during the worst when the powers seemed unsurmountable; but courage and drive at last prevailed. Is that not right?

Berlin Wall memorial

Revolt against it took place in many forms, and the experience festers for years.

They never last. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall, That wants it down!" American Poet Robert Frost, at Poem: "Mending Wall."

Immigration walls, now in vogue. See :// No learning. None.

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