Monday, July 21, 2008

Lens and Legacy: Ask, Whose View of History is History ? Propaganda, Lens and Angle

Who says? Does the propagandist make it so, or was it really so?

Is any retrospective ever "history"The danger of looking back. The difference an angle makes. The world of Petr Ginz.

His writing is objective, data-oriented. This carries with it a danger for us. How to fill in what he did not write about, while avoiding falsehood and factoid. How to separate out the factoids. See "factoid" at Spin is an art form. Yet, we look back with our lens and know that parts of that scene are missing.

What is missing is a picture of how propaganda created the world he was handed.

The limits of looking back

Edward Bernays, who championed the cause of Public Relations and how to persuade, back in 1928, knew how people yearn to fill in blanks to fit a worldview.

We cooperate in the sales process, by falling line with the claims and techniques, and filling in blanks as desired by the seller of the idea or the product. Look up Edward Bernays' 1928 public relations genius, as that is summarized at this site:

Research and check, research and check. We are cautious in our lookbacks, and try to keep current in new information about World War II as it hatches. For new information now emerging, see We also have a healthy concern for the propaganda that colors what we are told about our world today.

Propagandists selling their points can appear quite ordinary

The concern for propaganda is on point.

Petr's world evolved as it did largely because of the successes of propaganda being foisted all around him. Revisit the US Govt Institute for Propaganda Analysis 1937-1942. Check against those vintage talking points, now being used in new ways today, your own skills in factoid-finding. Go to the specifics of See our WWII US Govt's Institute for Propaganda Analysis 1937-1942-- look it up at Then, as you read today's news, check your issue or concern out again against the techniques used to convey it to you, and make up your own mind.

Why study Petr and his life, when you have a busy one of your own? Because past is present is future. And it is possible to broaden your own lens.

Uses of propaganda in selling history.

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