Monday, December 15, 2008

Prague - Jewish Quarter, Dusni Synagogue now Prague Maharal, Institute

The Spanish Synagogue

Evolution of a Synagogue
Update to Petr Ginz post October 1, 2008 - The old Dusni Synagogue  appears to now be the Prague Maharal, an Institute promoting the life, personality and legacy of Rabbi Judah Loew, 1525-1609, renowned religious scholar. See photograph and article at :// The Institute will also train new rabbis.

Read an article on "The Legacy of Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague" online, by Byron L. Sherwin, European Judaism vol 34, 2001 at Questia, see ://;jsessionid=LrXGGpCP1Yp3VDkkhJl2CyVLGK3L458VV2vtmMBgMcwLpNVsYdTy!243734?a=o&d=5002422218

The photograph is the same as the building we were told was the old Dusni Synagogue.

Rabbi Loew became known to us in reading "The Seventh Well," by death camp survivor Fred Wander (book translated 2006, see "The Seventh Well".

See a shorter biography at ://

He created a fictitious Golem, a man-figure from earth, air, fire, and water, through ritual, an image through which the community could be rid of various evil accusations made against them by the Christians surrounding. The Golum served well, even with an invisibility function. When finally the laws and evil practices were changed, the Rabbi de-made (?) the Golem, and the legend lives in many respects. Read the legend, edited by D.L.Ashliman, at ://

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