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Poland in Petr Ginz' Diary: Zikmund the Bell; Transports to Camps

Tracing Zikmund the Bell
A Polish Heritage in Prague

And who was Zikmund, in whose name the bell at St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague continued to toll, even after the other bells of the city had been confiscated for war materiel by the Germans.

Zikmund the Bell was too large to get it down and move it, much less melt it easily.

The bell and its sound is part of the Polish heritage in Prague, as well as part of the Poland to which Petr and so many he knew were transported.

The bell was named after Zikmund, a king of Hungary, and the brother of Wenceslas V, who in those days when borders ebbed and flowed took over Brno and other areas.  Read more at Scroll down to "Middle Ages", and then to 1349-1421.

Need to check if this is the same Wenceslas killed by a brother Boleslaw in Cesky Krumlov. See Czech Republic Road Ways.

Warsaw PL, Zikmund Statue in Polish Square
Photo alert: this is in Poland, not the Czech Republic. Zikmund is highly regarded in Warsaw, Poland. Look up.
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But Poland is part of Petr's life and death as well.

Petr mentions Poland, sometimes as an alternate destination for Jews being transported out of Prague, or the known destination.
Page 45 - Transports to Poland stop, now going to work at Theresienstadt. Helping at Mr. Emil Bondy's with luggage, he is going to Poland;

Page 46 - Some 5000 have gone already to Poland in 5 transports;
Page 65: Poles being interned at Theresienstadt as well as French, non-Jews.

And Petr is sent there, to Poland's Auschwitz - Osweicim, where he dies.

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