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Dobris, Town South of Prague. Benesov

1.  Dobris.

Fiser from Benesov was sent to Dobris.  Dobris is a town south of Prague, see Then Fiser came back, writes Petr, and had to register at Tabor.  Fiser later said he has to leave for Theresienstadt.

We see no "Fiser" in the Yad Vashem database, but Fiser may be "Fischer" and there are many of those; two are from Benesov or the district of Benesov, one died at Auschwitz, another is on a deportation list, no further information, but neither is recorded in Theersienstadt. We found no Fiser or Fischer Y for Dobris.

Pages 95-97.

Dobris has a castle, do an Images search for Dobris and see it. It is French Baroque, fine photo here, Tabor -a "Hussite town." See

The name stems from Jan Hus, was a reformer against the abuses of the Catholic Church long before Martin Luther took similar stands in Germany, see Germany Road Ways, Wittenberg posts. The Hussites in the now Czech Republic were defeated by 1437.

Jan Hus, Reformer, statue at Theresienstadt (Terezin)

Here is Jan Hus the Reformer, as he stands at Terezin - Theresienstadt, where Fiser the confectioner was to be sent, Diary at Pages 95-97.

2. Benesov.

Fiser the Confectioner lived here, and was taken. Page 95.

Fiser from Benesov.

Benesov is a district in central Czech Republic, the area of Central Bohemia, see ://, with historic castles, fortresses and a monastery complex.  That site is useful for its side menu of links to named sections of the Czech Republic, and the main cities there.

Benesov was part of this mega-bicycle route all over Europe, see There also is a "Konopiste (Benesov)" that is a castle about an hour away, and available as a venue for weddings, see photo and article at

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