Friday, July 23, 2010

Prague, Jungmannovo Square - A Grandfather's Antique Shop Was There

Jungmannovo Square

A grandfather had an antiques shop there. Page 7. There is a cubist streetlight post near an interesting old-looking gate. See There are still antique auction houses in the area.

Jungmannovo, Square, is named in honor of one Josef Jungmann, a lexicographer and scholar.  The word for square is Namesti.  See it in click-and-drag panorama at ://,-90.00,70.0/.  He translated Paradise Lost and constructed a huge Czech-German dictionary, see ://

Which of these might be Petr's Grandfather? Without knowing the family members, we do not know, but a quick look at birthdates may narrow.  The Yad Vashem site - do a search for victims at - gives helpful information, and shows that records can vary.

Yad Vashem lists these persons with the surname Ginz, in addition to Petr: 
  • Emil Ginz born 1899 (testimony page), and then Emil Ginz born 1898 (record shows transported to Theresienstadt, then perished at Auschwitz), 
  • Pavel Ginz born 1927 (near Petr's age), transported to Theresienstadt, perished at Auschwitz
  • Viktor Ginz born 1892, transported to Theresienstadt, perished at Auschwitz

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