Friday, September 26, 2008

Neveklov, in Beneslov District


 Neveklov is a town now known for its biking.  Go to this site and watch the little blue ball make its peppy way around the Nevoklov2 route, some 60 plus kms for mountainbiking, on the map. All for you. See://  Here is a video of the area - ://

Its history, however, is traumatic.  Petr goes here to help other people move, including Aryans, to make room for Germans. Page 96.

Here is the Neveklov coat of arms, symbols of two castle towers, shield between,. Fair use thumbnail from ://

Coat of arms of Neveklov
Do an Images search and find it on the map from Prague, and photos of the synagogue there, and one appears to be housed at the Jewish Museum in Prague. See the museum site at

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