Friday, July 23, 2010

Prague, Dlouha Avenue - Property Administration, Book Depository

 Dlouha Avenue

This street is called (writes Petr) the "Milky Way" because of all the sheriffs there. Page 28.

The Central Jewish Museum was there, and administrators there processed the property of Jews being deported. Nazi property administration. The Reich collected a portion of assets in some cases, in exchange for small living stipend, or required that the person being transported to the camps pay his or her own way, made certain items of clothing (the warm ones) forbidden, and the like.  See the account of Rosa Abeles' situation at Czech Republic Road Ways, Pilsner-Urquell, Rosa Abeles.

The book depository was at Dlouha Avenue 33 in Prague. By the end of 1949, there were nearly 480,000 books there. The employees sometimes organized exhibits of the different property for the Nazis. See, under the bold-faced heading for "Central Jewish Museum 1942-1945."

A handy maplet is at an Images search for another street, Petrske Street. It shows Dlouha better than the one here. Petr mentioned Petrske Square, below.

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