Saturday, July 24, 2010

Prague: Hagibor Club, Sports, Social, Political


This sounds like a skating area, see Page 57.  Rather, it is a larger enterprise - a sports club, sponsoring track and skating - see Hagibor Club at

Site summaries: After WWI, many Jewish sports clubs emerged, with an umbrella organization, the Maccabi World Union. It goal was stated this way,

"The goal of the Union is the physical and moral regeneration of Jews for the sake of restoration and existence of the Jewish lands and people." 

They also held social and cultural events. Hagibor was one of the clubs fostering activities of the MWU.

Maninsky Canal.

Skating - a favorite activity.  Petr writes that the Maninsky canal was frozen and good for skating. Page 40. Haven't found yet. See Meninsky, but as a surname, not a canal.

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