Saturday, July 24, 2010

Prague, Lublanska Street. Jewish hospital. Bulovska Hospital

Lublanska Street.

The Jewish hospital, that treated Petr's father, and where doctors removed "...three litres of water from Daddy's lungs!" writes Petr. Page 85.

A violin-maker also is there, a master craftsman and restorer,, still in business since 1870 despite all. See the family faces and talent shown there. Also Earth Day celebrations. See /

Bulovka. A second hospital?  Is this for non-Jews?

Petr goes with Auntie Anda across the ferry and under the cliff under Bulovka. Page 96. We find a town Bulovka in the Liberec area, north-northwest CZ.

Here it is - a hospital, Hospital Bulovka in Prague.

Petr's mother was Christian, his father Jewish.  If Auntie Anda is his mother's sister, then as a Christian she would go to a different hospital fro the Jews?

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