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Prague, Troja - Recreation Area; Operation Anthropoid


1.  Recreation.  Here Petr and Eva (sister Chava Pressburger, who later edited the diary) got a boat ride. Page 28; or Petr would walk there with his friend, Popper. Page 44.

Once he and Eva were walking there, and she cried from the cold. Page 64.  Petr seems never to talk about himself and his reactions, but does refer to others. Ms. Pressburger says that Troja is a suburb and Jews were allowed to go there.  But Jews could only get there on the embankment of the Vltava River that was in the direction of Old Town. Page 143.

Troja still is a recreation area, with a zoo, garden and chateau. See; and Do an Images search.

2.  Troja and Operation Anthropoid.

Troja also is the name of the bridge at this suburb of Prague.

It was the place, at a "hairpin" curve near the bridge, where the Czech partisans attacked the Nazi official, Reinhard Heydrich (also spelled Reinhard Heidrich), and his ultimate death.  This assassination led to the destruction of the town of Lidice, among other acts, in reprisal.  See this video about him, at Reinhard Heydrich Waffen SS 1/5 at  ://

See entry May 11, 2005;;

See also here concerning the Boromejsky Church, the Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius,  where the partisans, betrayed, were finally cornered and died.

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