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Prague, Vinobrady. Residential. Fafek family, Rela Fafek. Balbinova Street.

1. Vinohrady, or Vinobrady

And the girlfriend of one of the Czech resistance fighters, Rela Fafek.  The paratroopers who assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, known as the Butcher of Prague, were often guests of the Fafek family who lived in the Vinohrady District. See  See Heydrich and an account of the assassination plot at ://  Search that spelling as well as Heidrich, see ://

The Nazis were looking for Rela Fafek after the assassination.

Read the google book, Bodyguard of Lies:  The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day, by Anthony Cave Brown, pages 223ff.

Find her role in the the assassination, and her role as girlfriend of one of the assassins, Joseph Gabcik (the other paratrooper assassin was Jan Kubis). The men were Czech, trained in Britain, and dropped into the area to accomplish the objective of killing Heydrich. Others were part of the group, waiting for them.  It would be a spoiler to tell you what happens, other than that Heydrich did die. See the old "Operation Daybreak" - Hollywood's version, but a good one, considering, from the 1970's. 

She was to drive ahead of the car in which Reinhard Heydrich was riding, and if he was unaccompanied by other guard cars, she was to wear a hat.  If he was escorted, she would wear no hat. See ://  Gabcik stepped out, aimed and fired, but his gun jammed. So Kubis threw a bomb, and shrapnel hit Heydrich, with blood poisoning and gangrene causing his death after a day or so.

2.  Daily life. 

On a more benign note, in this district, Petr helped put new school desks together. Page 36.

Friends, Milose or Milos.  Friends, the Miloses, were moving to an apartment there. Page 66. It seems to be a residential area with an elegant background. See See photo and description of solid pre-war apartments and wide boulevards at

This site calls it "leafy Vinohrady," and notes good chicken wings there. See
  • From those images, move to Operation Anthropoid again. See post on Boromejsky Church here.
2. Balbinova Street.

Petr goes here to paint numbers at #18. Page 116. This is in Vinohrady, looks like apartments still.

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