Saturday, July 24, 2010

Prague - Wilson's (Woodrow Wilson) Main Train Station, Other Train Stations

Train Stations 

Railroads:  the targeted populations could not have been transported to the camps without them. Is that so? The perversions of technology. 

1.  Prague Main Train Station - Woodrow Wilson.

This is the train station where there is a commotion celebrating Hitler's 53rd birthday. Page 100.  This was the occasion where the British-trained Czech resistance operatives (and others) carried out Operation Anthropoid that up the assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich.  See a video of his funeral at ://

This station is the main station for Prague, and is undergoing improvements. See /  See also

Is it named for Woodrow?? Yes. Woodrow Wilson was instrumental in severing the Czech lands from the Habsburgs in 1918. See

2.  Hybernska Street.

Petr went to Mr. Repa's for glasses. Page 41. Ms. Pressburger says (I think this is correct) that this is now 146 Jachymova Street in the Old Town. Josefov, the Jewish Quarter.  Page 146.

There is a train station at Hybernska, with German flags. Page 85.

3.  Branik.

A German soldier was shot here. Page 110. From Images, Branik is a village, and the name of a Prague station, and a beer.

The station is in Prague 4, see; and here is a nice night train picture:

4.  Bubenec.

There is a train station here and Grandma is leaving from there. Page 119. Near Prague Castle area, embassies near?

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